E-learning isn't a new technology but building a web solution that fits the needs of every training provider is a difficult thing to achieve. This is why HIC chose Sapere to design and develop a bespoke web app to deliver and accommodate training needs over the web.

Providing training material on a platform the end user can use when they need to is a must in today's modern busy businesses.

HIC Health Service E-Learning System

Bespoke E-Learning software

Required Project

Sapere were approached to develop a web application to allow public sector organisations to complete online e-learning assessments. The application needed to allow users to securely complete examinations and then have their managers access and monitor their progress.

The application had to be intuitive to use and cater to all levels of competency.

Bespoke E-Learning software

E-Learning Problem

Within E-Learning, as with any paper-based process there is a requirement for manual effort which is time consuming. Data cannot be delivered in real-time and the process is prone to human error. Reporting is difficult and never in real-time so using the data in any meaningful way is incredibly difficult.

The above problems lead to very inefficient provision of real-time E-Learning.

Provided Solution

The web-based solution was written in ASP.NET with a supporting MYSQL database. The application allows the client to fully manage the content and delivery of the e-learning modules for their end users with delivery of the provided courses via a web interface.

This means the end user can access the platform anywhere at anytime and the owners can manage the data and content anywhere in the world.


These are the platforms Sapere used to deliver the solution.

Business Benefits

The following business benefits have been realised since the app development went live.

  • The solution was built to provide real-time feedback to users completing exams and assessments for their specific employer.
  • Removed the need for storage of paper based examinations.
  • Removed the possibility of human error when assessments were graded.