All businesses have a need to manage their customers, from the point of initial engagement through to becoming a fee-paying client. From experience businesses tend to adopt a spreadsheet approach to manage their list of customers or individual employees keep their own lists. This approach does not lead to a good customer journey and provides no way to analyse where these customers arrived from or the number of conversions and the associated value.

By utilising a bespoke CRM designed and developed by Sapere, a North East based law firm now have the systems to manage and analyse their clients from one cloud based system.

CRM Teesside

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Sapere were approached by a North East based law firm to produce a bespoke CRM, which would allow all branches of the firm to manage clients, contacts and suppliers from one system.

The main aim of the bespoke CRM was to allow the firm to manage all clients and contacts from one area from the initial customer contact through to the management of the customers' journey throughout the relationship. The firm also wanted a way to quickly and easily identify the volume of new customer engagements, which channels these were coming from and also the value of these in comparison to the amount of marketing spend.

Customer Relationship Management Software


Without a proper CRM to manage potential clients, contacts and referrers the logistics to realistically report on conversions and marketing spends becomes almost impossible without someone manually tracking the information. On a small scale this is perhaps possible but introduce larger practices with multiple branches and this becomes an impossibility.

Trying to identify where new leads are coming from and how many are converted with the associated cost vs. value is also a labour intensive inaccurate task without the proper systems to manage and track the data.


The completed software application was built as a true cloud based system and works through a web or mobile browser, which means staff can now quickly disseminate information about new and existing customers and contacts can now be done in real time, ensuring that all information is accurate and up to date.

Tracking information about the sources and channels of new business and the individual conversion rate in real time will help the business to spend the marketing budget to maximum effect.


These are the platforms Sapere used to deliver the solution.

Business Benefits

The completed CRM software provides the following benefits to the law firm:

  • Increased collaboration - client data can now be easily shared between departments, leading to a more efficient and better user journey.
  • Increased data accuracy - marketing data can now be analysed in real-time, allowing marketing spend to be allocated to the correct areas.
  • Increased awareness - the system provides each branch and department with an increased awareness of the other and opens up greater cross-selling opportunities.