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Cordova & PhoneGap Software

Remotely monitoring home security through a mobile app or tablet app has become more commonplace since the advent of the SmartPhone, removing the need for third party intervention. Increases in mobile bandwidth with 4G mean more data and better quality images can be sent to users mobiles giving real-time protection to their property.

Smartwatches are becoming an ideal platform for this kind of app as the user can be discretely alerted to intruders and view a snapshot before taking evasive action.

Visonic Cross platform Bespoke software development portfolio

Proposed Project...

Sapere were approached by BBSC to produce iPhone & Android applications which linked to the Visonic home security system for monitoring homes.

The existing Visonic system had no way to be monitored 'on the move' and BBSC saw a gap in the market they were keen to explore and exploit.


At the time the apps were developed there existed no way to monitor the cameras used by BBSC, a challenge that needed overcoming. Users of the Visonic system would need to have access to a desktop PC or tablet computer to view the camera's at their premises or property.

Mobile Solution...

Sapere developed an app 'wrapper' for IOS, Blackberry and Android apps to allow the cameras to be controlled via the mobile devices.


App Benefits...

The produced applications offer the following:
  • Securing, controlling and viewing their home or work premises using smart phones from anywhere
  • Remotely arming and disarming their wireless Visonic PowerMax alarm system
  • Remotely switching on or off their lighting, heating and curtains
  • Viewing up to 12 Wi-Fi cameras from a wide range of manufacturers, and numerous Visonic market-leading devices and accessories
  • Extensive surveillance: 15 images (5 pre-alarm and 10 post-alarm)