Construction jobs, materials, labour and expenses have inherently been managed and kept on pieces of paper or spreadsheets. The construction industry shouldn't be different to any other industry that benefits from bespoke web software to automate manual processes, improve the efficiencies and increase the businesses potential profit margins.

Well thought out bespoke software can be used and utilised by anyone in a business, and the whole point of software is to work with the business for the benefit of the business not against it. Sapere design and develop bespoke web apps, mobile apps and CRM software applications for this very reason.

Castle Construction Software System

Bespoke web software for the construction industry

Managing Construction with Software

We were approached by North East based Castle Construction to help them with taking all their paper based processes for managing contracts, orders and invoicing and to help them create a web application CRM.

Due to year on year growth they felt that paperwork and the management of the businesses paperwork was becoming ever more time consuming.

Construction Software

Solving the Problem

The system was developed in part to help the company manage individual jobs, from the ordering of materials through to assigning labour to the work right through to generating and invoicing the client. Before the system was developed the process was very time consuming, invoices were missed, materials weren't tracked or sometimes missed off invoices. The more work the company won the more staff that were needed, the bespoke software solution has removed the need for more administration staff as the system now automates most of the process.


Sapere designed and developed a bespoke workflow driven secure app to manage the day to day workings of the business.

Construction Track is a system which produces and manages quotations and invoices. The system allows for "mass" invoices to be inserted into it via a CSV Import. This process saves the company several hours of manually data entry as well as reducing the risk of data input error.

The system also allows the management at Castle Construction to see total profit and loss between a specific set of dates and which jobs are the most profitable.


These are the platforms Sapere used to deliver the solution.

Business Benefits

The following business benefits have been realised since the app development went live.

  • Completely removed the existing paper based solution.
  • Allowed the business to expand and bid for and complete more contracts.
  • Invoices and reports generated in real-time in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word