Sometimes an unstable application needs a software review and a bit of expert guidance to make it stable and usable again. From time to time Sapere inherit such systems that have been badly designed and the development executed without the correct level of skill.

Sometimes it's cheaper and easier to start again but if the system underpins the entire business then a code review and bug fix is required before any decisions are made on a re-write. Once the application is stable the foundations need bringing into line to make it more robust.

Warranty Software System Improved Applications Via Informed Modifications

Project Overview

Sapere Software were approached by a fellow North East company to make updates and bug fixes to a system called CSS (customer support system). Another North East software company originally built the system to manage warranties for white-labelled goods such as fridges, fridge-freezers, and washing machines and tumble dryers. The system itself was used by many high street companies to provide warranties to members of the public.

The requested changes other than the bug fixes included writing web services integrated with the web application with which third party companies such as Haier and Argos could post resold warranties to the back end office system. Other changes included a reworking of how prices for warranties within the system were calculated along with the production and maintaining of direct debit schedules.

Application Modification & Support


The original software solution needed urgent repairs to fix the reliability and stability of the product. Having many years of experience developing solid robust web systems Sapere provided a code review and put in place relevant measures to rectify the clients problems.

The system is growing at an exponential rate due to the success of the business; this meant the foundation of any changes had to be efficient enough to cope with the increased volume in usage.


Sapere have restored faith in the system and made it very reliable. It's a business critical business tool and it now operates as such since Sapere fixed the foundations of the app. Main changes were updates to the way data was handled, improved security and improvements to speed and performance.

Since our changes have been deployed, the monthly direct debit production is now completely automated, saving hours of monotonous and time intensive processing allowing the client to focus their efforts elsewhere.


These are the platforms Sapere used to deliver the solution.


The following business benefits have been realised since the app development changes went live.

  • The automation of the processing of direct debit instructions has saved CSS staff countless hours of manual direct debit production and maintenance.
  • Instead of CSS having to manually create a direct debit collection list, the upgraded system does this automatically ready for processing by BACS. Responses from this file are read, notifying CSS of any collection failures.
  • The system works reliably and can be relied upon as a business critical tool.