Often innovation can be achieved by taking an existing product and a new technology and that's exactly what North East based Tracerco asked us to help with. With their safety equipment they spotted a new possible set of markets which by integrating their devices with Android smartphones, to create an Android app, they felt would allow new products to be created.

We're often asked if there is a position for Android apps inside of industry and the Tracerco app project proves that there is a place and its a truly valuable one too.

Tracerco Android App New Products and Android App Technology

Android Project Overview

For North East based Tracerco we recently created an Android app to monitor Tracerco's PED's (handheld radiation monitoring devices). The PED's are used to monitor an individual's exposure to radiation.

The Android app connected via Bluetooth to up to 7 PED's which could then in turn be given to individuals to carry, the app could then monitor each PED and track each individuals radiation exposure in real-time.

Dosevision Screenshot

Android Application Requirements

Tracerco needed a way to view and monitor real-time data readings from their PED's in any environment. They also needed to do so simply with minimum setup required by the end user.

Traditionally this information could only be viewed after the event using a Windows CE application. However with the event of 'ruggedised' Android devices becoming available it became possible to create an application within Java to allow any Android device to act as a 'hub' for the PED's.

The Android App Solution

The app itself is a perfect example of using Android devices in high-risk environments to ensure peoples safety and to capture information securely and in real-time.

Whilst capturing valuable data about radiation exposure the app also logs GPS information in real-time and uses audio and visual alerts to notify operators in changes in environmental conditions.

The Android Platform

These are the platforms Sapere used to deliver the solution.

The Finished Android Application

The finished application met all the requirements outlined by Tracerco and provided an application that connected reliably to up to 7 devices and provided alarms, both visual and audible, to alert the user of the Android app if any device was exceeding the limitations of exposure.

The app also allows Tracerco's PED technology to be used in various environments and opens up the product to new markets and possibilities.

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