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Windows Phone 8 Development

With the arrival of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft's response to the dominance of Apple's iOS and Google's Android mobile operating system platforms, Sapere have had the chance to leverage their .NET experience into building business applications for the mobile user in a quicker and more productive way.

Windows Phone 8 Software Development

Windows Phone 8 development allows businesses to integrate back end systems easily with their current infrastructure and access office based information on the move. This is most easily done using ASP.NET but other languages such as PHP can be used as well to produce web or JSON services.

With Windows Phone 8, Microsoft have provided an alternative to the old Windows Mobile platform - but with all the advantages that full integration between mobile workers and back office systems which organisations now expect, plus an interface and functionality to rival iPhone and Android.

Typical Windows Phone applications we have completed in the past include security control applications and Windows Phone systems which integrate with existing web applications. Often a Windows Phone application is connected to a web solution to operate a full workflow platform for a workforce.

Whatever the business, most organisations can benefit from centralised data available anywhere in the world provided in a secure, concise way. Windows Phone applications can really help to join up departments, employees and data in a way that promotes business innovation and best working practices.

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Specialising In Windows Phone 8 Software and App Development

With our wealth of knowledge and intricate understanding of the .NET framework, we can leverage our expertise to build any Windows Phone application.

With Microsoft's mobile platform, the lines between offline/online/mobile/static are effectively removed and Sapere are ready to allow your business to take the obvious advantage.

Bespoke Client Focused Software Development

All our software development and app development is bespoke. If you're looking for cheap, generic open source based systems - we're certainly the wrong people to speak to. However, if you're looking for something which underpins your business and adds real value, then call us. Our Windows Phone development is about quality, integration and an investment in your business.

We're Always Looking To The Future

Sapere are constantly evolving with a real passion for software development and as a company we consistently keep pace with the ever advancing technology curve. This allows us to recommend the best technology and implement the most up to date solution for a client's business sector or domain.

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