When looking to develop for multiple mobile platforms at once, whether that be Android, IOS or Windows 10 Mobile costs can quickly mount. Using Cordova, a cross platform technology, to distribute apps from one application can be the correct and most cost effective choice to meet your requirements.

Multiple Device Cordova Development

Cordova HTML5 & Javascript

Often businesses need an app to work on multiple platforms, most usually Android and IOS. This normally means they will need 2 apps and this immediately doubles the cost of any development. As each application has its own code that allows it to function this code will need to be written in two languages - once for Android and again for IOS.

Once a business decides to then move to Windows the costs can very quickly become prohibitive. For example, one simple change then needs to be completed in 3 separate places, once for Android, once for IOS and finally for Windows. One way around this is to use Cordova (formerly PhoneGap). Cordova allows the development of one code base to be deployed on multiple types of device meaning the application is developed once and can be ran on various mobile devices. This immediately reduces costs drastically.

Cordova works by running as a web application on the phone which means its has the ability to access the camera, GPS and many other features of the device in exactly the same way as a natively developed application. If done well a Cordova app can be indistinguishable from a native app...

For organisations which approach us asking for IOS and Android apps this is often a great way to leverage another technology to achieve their aims in a very cost-effective way. We've deployed on-site inspection systems, event management tools and lots of other mobile applications using the Cordova technology stack.

If you find that your business needs apps for many devices but your budget would be stretched deploying for all the various mobile operating systems contact us for a chat, we can advise whether the Cordova approach is the correct one for your mobile application development.

Typical Business Users:
  • Health & Safety Inspectors
  • Estate Agents
  • Facilities Management
  • Field Based Workers
  • Businesses Involved with Data Capture

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