With the Apple iPad becoming ever more affordable, introducing budget versions such as the iPad Mini, the era of mobile computing and portable ubiquitous IT is definitely here. We develop iPad applications that provide real value to an organisation. We can leverage your existing offering into a bespoke iOS application or help you to design, develop and realise your idea.

With more and more user demand for iOS-friendly solutions, there's a real opportunity to reach new markets with new or existing products. Contact us today at our North East office.

Bespoke iPad App Development

With tablet devices becoming ever more popular and even replacing laptops for a lot of day to day use, the iPad is becoming a firm favourite of the home and business user.

Sapere have provided bespoke iPad app development for numerous North East and national companies. Predominantly we specialise in business focused applications which leverage existing business processes into a full iPad/iPhone or 'universal' application. Whatever idea you have, we can help to utilise mobile technology in your organisation, we can help manage and build your application and even help with submitting the finished iPad application to the IOS app store.

Most recently completed applications have included MerCalc, an iPhone/iPad universal application providing a suite of financial calculators for a North East Based IFA consultancy and a security application to compliment the PowerLink home security system.

If you need to deploy an app on various platforms, take a look at HTML5 iPad Development

the development costs can be reduced as the app will share the same code base.

Specialising In iPad Software Development

From our North East office we provide iPad development and apps for clients nationwide. We love the iPad platform, the way it can be connected seamlessly to web applications and the fact that bespoke apps can be deployed quickly and wirelessly to users devices in seconds.

iPad Experts & Client Focused

By focussing exclusively on what the client wants and not what we think they should have we ensure that all iPad developments meet precisely the requirements outlined. Although we primarily provide North East iPad development we can also accommodate, and have done so in the past, clients throughout the UK.

Wisely Ensuring Your Business Investment

We pride ourselves on using proven software technologies for all our iPad developments and apps. We believe that solid, dependable and tested technologies offer the best investment for you and your business. We use the right technologies every time for your specific app needs.


We recently completed an iPad application for Keepmoat, a UK company who specialise in regeneration and housing development. The iPad app allowed surveyors to capture details about properties and tenants and wirelessly make this information immediately available to office staff and management. Initially rolled out in the North East of England, this has since been used nationally too.

FingerTips Online

Completed for a Manchester based educational consultancy, FingerTips allows iPad teachers to collect evidence for EYFS (Early Years Foundation Skills) to track the progress of a child's learning journey. The data collated and collected on the iPad is then able to be reported upon and accessed via a web-based console by head teachers, parents and school staff.

iPad Development Expertise

With a long history of app development, we understand how to make the most of the advantages that tablet applications offer businesses. From mobilising your staff to enabling real-time communication with customers, iPad apps offer a massive opportunity for your business to seize a competitive advantage. Our consultancy is designed to handhold your business through the entire process - from idea, to development to submission to the App Store and making your iPad app available to your clients or staff on your corporate intranet. With Sapere's expertise, you are guaranteed to achieve the result you want while exceeding your expectations.

iPad Projects

We've completed multiple mobile projects to create apps which run on an iPad tablet. Most often these apps are being built to replace traditional pen and paper data collection methods. When integrated to new or existing web applications, iPad business apps provide a fantastic opportunity to gather and disseminate information organisation wide extremely quickly.

Typical Business Users

Project Case Study

www.fingertips-online.net allows teachers to record, track and evaluate children's progress using a mobile device.

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iPad Software Consultancy

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