HTML5 is the current web standard that allows web applications to run on a mobile or tablet device with or without an Internet connection. Advancements in web standards mean mobile applications that were once created only in iOS, Android or Windows 10 Mobile can now be created to be platform independent using HTML5. This opens up huge possibilities for cost-effective app creation and deployment over multiple mobile operating systems.

Bespoke HTML5 Mobile Software Development

Only a few years ago, if you needed an application to allow a mobile workforce to capture data out in the field and communicate back with the office, the only choice you had was to develop the solution using Windows CE, PALM or BlackBerry.

Since 2008 there has been an explosion in the number of technologies and hardware platforms capable of allowing mobile workforce solutions to be developed in a more manageable way, some of the providers have been and gone but the main providers now are iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile.

With the advent of so many providers and mobile platforms, it is really difficult to know which platform to design and develop the solution for. The main difficulty lies in the fact that the solutions are not transferable so if the solution needs to be used on iOS and Android smartphones or tablets the solution will need to be developed twice at twice the development costs.

HTML5 mobile development is platform independent, which means the solution only needs to be developed once and will work across many smartphone devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android Devices including Galaxy mobile and tablets and Windows 10 Mobile devices.

Specialising In HTML5 Development

The use of HTML5 mobile development has many key advantages over the more traditional native approach where mobile workforce applications are concerned. The main advantages are:

  • Initial development costs are reduced if the application is being deployed on multiple devices
  • On-going development costs are reduced as only one code base is being maintained
  • Changes can be deployed quickly
  • Hardware costs can be kept to a minimum as the solutions are platform independent

With our wealth of knowledge and intricate understanding of HTML5 we can leverage our expertise to build any mobile workforce solution.

Inclusive Application Development

All our development is bespoke. If you're looking for a solution that fits exactly around the way you want your business to work as opposed to working around the solution, then we can help.

We take the complexity out of software development and app development by providing you with an easy-to-read specification of works before building a solution that requires little or no training, due to the ease of use of the systems we design and develop.

If your looking for something which underpins your business and adds real value then call us. Our HTML5 development is about quality, integration and an investment in your business.

We're Always Looking To The Future

HTML5 is advancing and changing incredibly quickly. It really has the possibility to transform and completely blur the line between offline / online or web / mobile. As a company, we consistently keep pace with this ever-advancing technology allowing us to recommend the best methodologies and implement the most up-to-date solution for a client's business.

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