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Android App Development

We develop Android applications for any enabled smartphone that provide real value to an organisation. We can leverage your existing offering into an Android application or help you to design, develop and realise your idea.

With high-end companies manufacturing countless smartphones and tablets running Android, there's a real opportunity to reach new markets with new or existing products. Contact us today at our North East office.

Android Software & App Development

Android is the often used alternative to iPhone / iPad and with ever more smartphones being deployed with the Android OS development for the device offers a real opportunity to reach a new market of users and customers.

Typical Android applications we have completed recently include the redeployment of a stadium seat embedded application to run on the Archos Android device for a North East company. We've also recently created apps for the Android marketplace for a security company who wanted to provide a way for their clients to manage their home security using any Android based Smart Phone.

If you need to deploy an app on various platforms, take a look at HTML5 Android Development

Android Software Specialisation

Our approach to Android software development is to leverage 20 years of software experience into ideas for a very new platform. It isn't enough to simply view Android as 'iOS lite', as the range of Android devices is ever-growing and becoming more and more popular, with the operating system including more and more unique features that could be intertwined with your app.

It is necessary to understand the implications of mobile computing on businesses and individuals. Our approach is built around this premise, allowing us to develop high quality applications that exceed client expectations.

Experienced Android Developers

We've had to create some complicated Android apps and we're always struck by how much they can transform the fortunes of the businesses we build the apps for. As Android devices are quite cheap they make the ideal tool for mobile workers and mean data gathering and integration with business systems can be done at a surprisingly low cost. By building numerous Android apps we've gained lots of experience ready to be exploited on your Android project.

Monitoring Android's Development

Google release updates to the Android platform regularly and as we have customers with apps deployed on hundreds of devices we monitor updates and advise clients on what they need to do to keep their apps in tip-top condition. We do this to ensure they are utilising every last ounce of functionality from their Android devices. We don't deploy your Android app and then leave it to gather dust, we advise you regularly as to what updates from Google mean to your business and possible improvements you may want to look at.

Android Software Consultancy

If you're looking for advice on how to proceed with an Android project, then get in touch.

Our first hour of consultancy is free and gives you a great opportunity to discuss your idea in confidence with an expert.

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Project Case Study

PEDVision allows users to record, track and measure radiation exposure using a mobile device.


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