There is a world of possibilities awaiting your business when you invest in mobile technology. We build applications using Apple's iPhone and iPad platforms, Google Android OS, Windows Phones or all 3 using cross-platform technologies like Cordova. If you have an app idea and would like to understand the likely costs then please contact us...

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Mobile Software & App Development

With computing becoming ever more ubiquitous and employees completing more and more work outside of the office, business applications and mobilisation solutions for employees are becoming increasingly necessary.

We specialise in building mobile business applications for Android, iPhone, iPad & Windows Phone, which allow seamless communication between the mobile worker and their base of operations and allow for a much more productive working environment.

If you have a workforce that will benefit from better communication or that need to collate and record external data on the move, then Sapere can help.

For staff who are 'in the field' collecting information and returning to the office to complete their work, then mobile computing is the natural fit. We specialise in development for Android, Apple iPhone, Apple iPad and Windows Phone. Businesses who will benefit most from mobile computing are those who are heavily data dependent and who spend much time gathering information and converting it to other formats for management reports or clients.

The most significant factor in mobile computing is how it revolutionises the organisation that uses it. Transforming laborious, error-prone data capture into a swift and easily manageable process for all employees involved.

Irrespective of the mobile platform the benefits of mobilising your data and staff are massive. Most software developments of this type have an amazing return on investment with most projects paying for themselves within 1 to 2 years. We have carried out app development and software development for sectors as varied as heavy industry to building maintenance.

Mobile Software Consultancy

Mobile Software Development Specialisation

From our Teesside office in the North East of England we provide all the advice and knowledge you need to take your app from idea to product, whatever you want to achieve Sapere can provide the solution for you.

With Sapere's expertise and brilliant customer service you are guaranteed to achieve the result you want that will exceed your expectations.

Mobile Expertise gained through years of experience

We come from a tradition of mobile development and understand better than most the advantages and pitfalls of developing mobile applications. Our consultancy and project process is designed to handhold your business through the entire process - from idea, to development to submission or rollout.

We Specialise in Mobile Integration

Often businesses have a need to integrate a mobile solution with an existing or legacy system, this can often be difficult to achieve, but with our experience we can advise on a successful path forward. If you have an integration project which seems a little tricky to get iPhone / iPad or Android compatible we're definitely the company to speak to.

If you're thinking of taking the first steps with a mobile project then get in touch.
Our initial consultancy is free and gives you a great opportunity to discuss your idea in confidence with an expert.

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Typical Business Users
  • Health & Safety Inspectors
  • Estate Agents
  • Facilities Management
  • Field Based Workers
  • Businesses Involved with Data Capture
  • Remote workers

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