We are a North East software company with combined experience of over 30 years within bespoke software development, mobile app development and web based development. We specialise within software engineering, specifically for iPhone, iPad, Android, ASP.NET and PHP5. We have a user-focused development style which helps welcome and incorporate the involvement of the client to ensure the project is precisely what they want and meets their needs exactly.

Providing Excellence Everytime

Sapere are a modern and professional software design and development company based in the North East of England.

To every project we work upon we bring decades of IT industry experience implementing and managing major software development projects for multinational companies. We specifically pride ourselves on our customer service, our integrity and our fantastic team of software developers who consistently deliver high-quality and cost-effective business solutions. Don't just take our work for it read what some of our customers have to say here.

Our core aim is to always meet and exceed the requirements and expectations of any business we work alongside. We are proud to provide world-class software consultancy, software design and software development services for business and industry throughout North East England & UK.

What we do

Sapere specialise in fully integrated bespoke software solutions across all modern platforms that deliver efficiency savings, innovation, value and a distinct advantage to your business or organisation.

This is an overview of the services we offer:

In addition to designing and building bespoke software systems, we also undertake maintenance and modification of existing systems.

If your business utilises software that was built a number of years ago and is based upon legacy technology this can restrict you from taking advantage of new developments. We can help you modernise your systems with minimal disruption in an efficient, logical way.

How We Work

The people who know your business the best are you and your staff. We believe to get the best out of any project we need to work closely with you. We pride ourselves on getting to the bottom of any problems and ensure we come up with solutions to make your business run more smoothly and efficiently.

Here's a quick review of the process:

  • Initial consultation - This involves a representative from Sapere engaging with key members of your staff to discuss the requirements of the proposed project.
  • Proposal document - Supplied by us with recommendations, possible architectures and approximates costs. Following a successful proposal document, we work alongside your staff to produce a full detailed specification outlinging the agreed work to be carried out.
  • Fixed cost quotation - with timescales.
  • Progress reviews - ensuring all key dates are achieved.
  • Delivery - delivered to agreed timelines.
  • Staff training - with minimal impact on workloads.

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Why we do it

We do it because we enjoy writing and developing software that works! We specialise in creating bespoke software applications tailored to individual business requirements and needs and we are passionate about it.

Whether mobile, tablet, web or desktop based, we can produce robust, easy to use, easy to understand software that will make you business more efficient.

Our software is always designed to work around the needs and processes of your business not the other way around.

This seems an obvious statement but many, many software systems prove inefficient when complete or do not match precisely what the client needs. At Sapere we base our entire approach on ensuring this does not happen and that every Sapere application underpins and enhances the business that uses it. Our software is proven to assist the productivity of your staff by allowing them to focus on the work they are employed to do, not being hampered by difficult to use and complicated software.

The company ethos is simple, we deliver high-quality client focused software solutions that are correct for the client each and every time.

Why are we different?

All our software is developed bespoke to the exacting needs of you the client, ensuring the perfect fit to get the optimum efficiency and profit margins from your business.

Sapere Video

Sapere have in-depth experience of all types of software development, most notably, web development, hybrid app development and mobile development.

Experienced & Qualified Staff

Sapere staff hold Microsoft Certified Professional Developer and Zend Certified developer certifications. This means your software development is completed by developers with industry standard and industry validated skills.

Software development is a complicated, ever changing field. As such you need the correct people as the wrong advice, or the wrong implementation of a solution can cost a business in both of time, involvement and most importantly money. To ensure your development is a success speak to Sapere.

Quality, Quality, Quality

At the core of what we do is a commitment to our clients that we continually deliver the best possible solution at the best possible price each time and every time.

We as a business see each new and existing customer as a potential partner for many years to come. As such, we take an active role in recommending and promoting new ways of utilising technology to improve their business. We operate as an external IT department with a stake in their continued success, because if our clients succeed we do as well.

Client involvement

We iteratively review all developments to keep on track, on budget and on time. This client involvement in the process ensures you get what you need, not what we think you need.

Our iterative development cycle means that applications are built to meet and overcome business problems in the most effective way possible.

We use in-depth testing and stress test all our applications to ensure you and your clients get the best service at all times. In the unlikely event of any problem we provide support and where necessary SLA's for our clients ensuring piece of mind and confidence in their ability to deliver their business effectively.

Sapere produce people-oriented software that innovates organisations and saves time and money.

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